2016 Fundraising Appeal

Missouri NOW is working hard to become the organization we want it to be.

Our goals are:

  • To support the work of our local chapters around the state, yet stay connected to our regional and national organizations.
  • To stay abreast of events at the capitol in Jefferson City as well as around the state, so that we can make a public stand for feminism at a moment's notice.
  • To be able to stand up for justice in the streets as well as in conversation with our legislators and our city council members.
  • To work with other feminist organizations in our state, such as the Missouri Women's Network, Planned Parenthood, Unite Women and the Missouri Women's Leadership Coalition, so that when Americans think "Missouri" they are more likely to think feminist sensibility and progress, than Rush Limbaugh, Phyllis Schlafly and barefoot-and-pregnant legislative agendas.

You see some evidence of these goals on this website.

Working together will help us further towards achieving them.

Please donate.

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